Welcome to the Roundtable Discussion! 


  • Identify your assigned moderator. If that person is not able to be there, please select someone else from the group to be the moderator and keep the conversation flowing. 

  • The moderator will note the take-aways from the discussion and send them to Michelle afterwards (mfetterer@endeavorb2b.com). We’ll share these with everyone after the event! 

  • Decide who would like to be spokesperson for your group when we share take-aways during the Full Group Sessions! 

  • If anyone is having technical issues, refresh the page.

  • Review the topic materials in the Info tab. Click the       icon on the left, then Info in the bar on the right. The Chat function is also in that bar. 

  • Be open and willing to share and to learn. Everyone has something valuable to contribute! 

  • Don’t dominate the conversation. Allow everyone to participate! 

  • Enjoy your time together!